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Why Stay In West Yellowstone?

Learn about the many perks and benefits to staying outside the Park on your next trip to Yellowstone!

Comfort Matters

In the summer time, the weather gets hot. Who wants to vacation and not have air conditioning? While most of the in-Park lodging options do not have this amenity, any of our Yellowstone Vacations properties can offer you an escape from the heat - they ALL have air conditioning!

Don't Settle for Limited Amenities

In Yellowstone National Park, nature is king, and if you're here, chances are very likely you're here to experience that nature. But, let's face it; at the end of the day, after hiking for miles untold, who doesn't want to kick their feet up and relax with a few creature comforts? You'll take a dip in your hotel's pool, maybe check your newsfeed on Facebook, or catch the highlights of the big game on TV... That is, if your hotel actually has any of those things. While most in-Park hotels lack these modern amenities, here in West Yellowstone we have technology to spare! All of our hotels and cabins feature flat screen TVs and free WiFi in every room, with a heated indoor pool just steps away! What else are the kids supposed to do after a long day of exploring Yellowstone? At our Explorer Cabins, each camp features an outdoor community fire pit, and each cabin contains a complimentary S'mores kit for you to roast while you chat with other guests and share stories of your day's adventures.

Speaking of family, we recognize that all members of your family are important - including the 4-legged ones! Although there are lodging options inside the Park that allow pets, the choices are limited. At Yellowstone Vacations, three of our four West Yellowstone lodging options are pet-friendly; the Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone features an entire pet-friendly camp; the Holiday Inn® West Yellowstone offers 29 pet-friendly rooms, part of which includes a number of first floor rooms and/or ADA accessible rooms; and we have a number of pet-friendly rooms available at Gray Wolf Inn and Suites, located on the entry level for your convenience.

We also have a dedicated camp host located at the Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone, which is available to all overnight guests of Yellowstone Vacations. The camp host provides activity information, Yellowstone National park and area information, binoculars, walking sticks, yard games, eBike rentals and more. From tracking guest's wildlife sightings from the day, to helpful tips and advice for your adventures, our camp host is available from 8 AM - 10 PM, May 15 - September 15.

Stay Connected

As we mentioned earlier, all of our Yellowstone Vacations hotels and cabins include free WiFi and flat screen TVs. We understand that sitting in your cabin and watching TV is not what you came to Yellowstone National Park to do. BUT! It's a Sunday night, the season finale of The Walking Dead is on, and the whole country is holding their breath waiting to see whether Rick's group will survive! If you miss it, there's a high likelihood of having the ending spoiled by your well-meaning Facebook friends who just HAVE to talk about it, so we thought you shouldn't have to be in that position. You can thank us later.

And speaking of Facebook, you'll have access to that too. As well as access to email, Google, and all those other wonderful online entities that make life just a little bit easier. That is, you'll have access to all those things if you stay in West Yellowstone! Guests of the in-Park lodges can't all say the same, unfortunately, since there is limited Internet access within Yellowstone National Park, and in most cases you will have to pay for it. Disconnecting while you're on vacation is great and all, but just because you can, doesn't mean you'll always want to. Here, you'll actually be given that choice!

Location, Location, Location

We realize that this may be an ironic thing to call out, seeing as how we are located outside the Park boundaries, but West Yellowstone's location is also one of our main draws. Like we said at the beginning, you won't be spending an hour in the car looking at endless miles of nothing every time you enter or exit through Yellowstone's West Entrance. On most days, an easy 10-15 minute drive is the only thing standing between you and your first Yellowstone vista or wildlife sighting, even during the busiest time of the year! But, for the adventurous, there are many other interesting places nearby to check out while you are staying in West Yellowstone:

  • Virginia City and Nevada City (located about 85 miles from West Yellowstone): Historic old side-by-side mining towns that provide a glance into history and gold mining. These ghost towns are an easy day trip from West Yellowstone. Shopping and cafes are located on Main Street as well as many historic buildings that you can tour. Lots of history here that is fun for all ages! And for the adults, make sure to check out the Brewery Follies performance during the summer months in Virginia City, a nightly cabaret entertainment.

  • Quake Lake (located 25 miles from West Yellowstone): Stop at the visitor center and learn about the massive earthquake that rocked the West Yellowstone area in 1959.

  • Big Sky (located 50 miles from West Yellowstone): Shopping, restaurants, and many different activities, events, and attractions during the summer and winter months, in and around the resort.

  • Ennis (located about 70 miles from West Yellowstone): Positioned on the banks of the Madison and serving as the gateway to Virginia and Nevada cities, Ennis has shopping, dining, galleries, and sporting goods stores. Also located on Main Street is Willie's Distillery, a local small batch distillery.

Pet-Friendly Activities

Pets are not allowed on boardwalks, hiking trails, in the backcountry, or in thermal areas at Yellowstone, but there are plenty of activities just outside the park for you and your pup.

If you are planning on bringing your dog with you to the park, make sure to check out these regulations from NPS.

  1. Take a lap around Earthquake Lake.
  2. Go for a stroll through West Yellowstone. You'll find various pet-friendly coffee shops and retailers to visit.
  3. Hike Coffin Lakes Trail, a moderate hike with stunning views and stream crossings.
  4. Don't miss out on the popular Old Faithful geyser. Dogs are allowed on the sidewalks around the visitor center with a leash.
  5. Have a picnic at Yellowstone Lake and let your dog dip their paws in the chilly water.

Believe it or not, these are just a few of the many reasons why West Yellowstone is the perfect home base for your next Yellowstone National Park vacation. Make your reservation today and prepare to experience the rest!